National sex day. Hence the numerical date- 6/9. Have lots of sex on this day whether it's 69ing or otherwise.
Person 1: When's your girlfriend's birthday?
Person 2: It's June 9th...National Sex Day man!!
Person 1: Lucky!
by 69696969<333 January 26, 2012
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if this is your birthday then you are the best person in the world and mwa mwa ill love you forever idc if dont know you. .3. .3.
amazing person: my birthday is the June 9th
me: marry me. :)
by k0ix May 6, 2021
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National uncensored hentai day aka the best day of the year.
Hey are you excited for June 9th.
Friend: yeah I can't wait for national uncensored hentai day
by -Tokoyami from discord April 21, 2020
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“Why are you reading Smut again?”
“I have an excuse! It’s National Smut Day, June 9th!”
“.... Can I join in on this wonderful occasion?”
“Yes, comrade.”
by Voltage_H4X October 22, 2019
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Aka 6/9 is national thotty day. Thots all around the world strut their stuff and show the guys what they missin
Gurllll whatchu wearing on June 9th? It’s national thotty day.
by radboss#1 November 15, 2018
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