An ok town across the river from Omaha, Nebraska. There are 5 notable types of people here:

- Homeless (Northwest CB)

- Trashy (South CB/Twin City)

- Dreamers (West CB)

- Rich (East CB)

- Filthy Rich (Northeast CB)
Council Bluffs has a few attractions such as the Squirrel Cage Jail, RailsWest museum, and Union Pacific museum, but other than that it's nothing but trash. Druggies are everywhere on the streets, fatass prostitutes fill the South, and the east/northeast areas are filled with snobby rich people. 5 railroads operate in CB. They include:
- UP (Union Pacific)

-BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe)

-KCS (Kansas City Southern
-CN (Canadian National)

-IAIS (Iowa Interstate Railway)

Overall, the town is almost like a ripoff of Omaha, although technically Omaha is a ripoff of Council Bluffs since Council Bluffs was first to use some advancements Omaha uses today.
I got AIDS from that fat bitch I fucked yesterday over in Council Bluffs.
by The Wing Man March 20, 2019
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The entire size of this town could fit into North Omaha. The perfect, "Once you cross the Railroad tracks" town where most people dont understand there is some nice areas to it, but no one typically drives past the gridlock west end of town. Our crime is a hell of a lot lower than omaha, but everyone goes to the Big O on the weekends because there is nothing here to do that you cant do that plus some more, besides strip clubs.
Council Bluffs be the shit yo. We gots crazy ass strip joints and cheaper beer. Other than that nothing is here.
by Creighton Prep June 9, 2005
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A dirty white trash place on the other side of the Missouri River from Omaha. Known also as 'the leech town', it trys to suck it's fame off of Omaha. Home of trailer parks, crappy truck stops, and mulleted people who let their kids play with thier toys in the front lawn in thier diapers. See also 'Counciltucky'.
Ew! What's that smell? Oh, it must be Council Bluffs.
by Courtney December 17, 2003
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Fuck you bitch, first off get your shit strait, and go suck a dick because your a fag in womans clothing. Loose your balls before you diss a town that you've only been to once to suck the Mayors cock.
we make meth labs bitch
by C.B. local April 2, 2005
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Coucil Bluffs is a small town in Iowa. Council Bluffs, like most cities has bad areas but it also has some very nice ones too.
by meme555 February 14, 2011
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an act that must be done in council bluffs, iowa. A whore walks on all fours through a line of guys on each side and they all cum on her as she goes by.
Yeah, that bitch got a council bluffs carwash last night, she's such a whore.
by Supersievers3 March 24, 2008
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true grade shit. council bluffs lays in the direct path from la to newyork, thus cb directly benefits from it. Council Bluffs weed is always good shit.
by valo April 23, 2007
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