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An ok town across the river from Omaha, Nebraska. There are 5 notable types of people here:

- Homeless (Northwest CB)

- Trashy (South CB/Twin City)

- Dreamers (West CB)

- Rich (East CB)

- Filthy Rich (Northeast CB)
Council Bluffs has a few attractions such as the Squirrel Cage Jail, RailsWest museum, and Union Pacific museum, but other than that it's nothing but trash. Druggies are everywhere on the streets, fatass prostitutes fill the South, and the east/northeast areas are filled with snobby rich people. 5 railroads operate in CB. They include:
- UP (Union Pacific)

-BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe)

-KCS (Kansas City Southern
-CN (Canadian National)

-IAIS (Iowa Interstate Railway)

Overall, the town is almost like a ripoff of Omaha, although technically Omaha is a ripoff of Council Bluffs since Council Bluffs was first to use some advancements Omaha uses today.
I got AIDS from that fat bitch I fucked yesterday over in Council Bluffs.
by The Wing Man March 20, 2019

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A badass research facility located in New Mexico. After a cataclysmic disaster in Sector C, Gordon Freeman is left to fight off retarded zombie alien things and other creatures. The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit (HECU) is sent in to kill anything and everything remaining, while the Black Ops are sent in to arm a nuclear device. This event leads to the Seven Hour War, which destroys most of the world's population, and leads to the events in Half-Life 2.
The Black Mesa Research Facility is boring. Fuck I guess I'll go work for Aperture Science.
by The Wing Man December 25, 2018

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Iowa Interstate is a Class 3 Railroad running trains between Council Bluffs, Iowa and Chicago, Illinois. The Railroad uses SD38-2s, GP38-2s, ES44ACs, QJ locomotives from China, and some weird ass "slug" locomotives. The railroad line was bought from The Rock Island Railroad in 1984, and was built on the old main line stretching from Omaha to Chicago. Today they run multiple trains each day, one of the most popular trains being the CBBI (Council Bluffs-Blue Island), or BICB (Blue Island - Council Bluffs) this train usually use 2-3 locomotives for power (usually 2 ES44ACs, and sometimes a 3rd GP-38 or SD-38) And pulled Grain, Containers, and sometimes other stuff. The line is also great for insulator hunting and has an assortment of different glass.
The Iowa Interstate Railway local had IAIS 516 leading today!!!
by The Wing Man January 02, 2018

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The Hemingray Glass Co. was based in Muncie, Indiana, and operated from the early 1850s, until the late 1960s, producing different telegraph insulators. The most popular insulator Hemingray made was the Hemingray 42 (CD 154) which was produced by the millions. Another was the Hemingray No. 9 (CD 106) which was produced by the millions, also, but was less popular. When the company started, threadless insulators, (insulators that did not have threads inside) were used, most notably on the Transcontinental Railroad Then during the early 1870s, the style of the insulator changed to fit a threaded pin after the previous design failed. Hemingray issued a patent on December 19th, 1871 for a group of insulators including the CD 120, CD 125, and others. These are considered some of the earliest threaded insulators in the collection, and are worth money. The company kept manufacturing these until the 1880s when drip points (bead-like orbs on the base of the insulator, allowing water to drip off of it) were invented, and the CD 151 started using them. This lead to a whole new era of insulators including the CD 152, CD 154, and many others. These insulators were in service for years and years, until the 1930s when some styles were being put out of manufacturing, and only a few select styles were being produced. This worked well until the late 1960s when the modern porcelain power insulators were to be used, and almost all glass insulators were put out of service.
I have a CD 125 Western Union insulator from the Hemingray Glass Company
by The Wing Man October 23, 2018

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