Yet another word for bed. A place of "recreation" and rest. A longer version of the word (cot).
"My boyfriend and i dont plan on just sleeping in my cottage tonight".
"Fancy coming back to my cottage" .
by Bri-Jolie June 12, 2008
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A small, wooden structure located on the grounds of a mansion which stores women. They are given no rights and are forced to live there to work as slaves to the people of the mansion. Only a couple feet wide and a couple feet high, the tiny cottage stores up to 100 women at one time. At feeding time, they are given blended pig slops. At washing time, they are made clean with a fire hose. Clothes are not permitted inside, and they may not leave under any circumstances. Trying to escape or disobeying is punishable by automatic death.
All the girls were frightened to be put into the cottage, for they would live a life of slavery.
by FriedChikn July 01, 2010
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a second personality, much like many people have a house and then a cottage somewhere else, people often have one personality and then cottage. The first persoanality is usually the reserved, laid back, school oriented personality. COTTAGE on the other hand is loud, outgoing, likes to drink, rebel, and have a good time. THis personality will do and say anything even if its not necessary or its at an inappropriate time.
man where's COTTAGE tonight?? ur being all good sarah.

Fuck skool sarah, be COTTAGE come out drinking!

UR a fucking asshole COTTAGE but i love you!
by Cottage December 05, 2005
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3 handles a week,smoke everyday, and home to the goofiest fuck around, flounder.
by gray February 23, 2003
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a dump that kids get fucked up in and get laid all the time by hot bitchs. Blunts booze n broads are always found in the shithole.
burnham i am gonna fuck you up bitch n then tap that girl doggy style.
by boodha February 25, 2003
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