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A girl who is so damn cute and charming. They are extremely beautiful even though they might deny it. Everyone around her likes her and nobody can stop laughing when she's around. She tends to be a bit random and hyper but she gets straight A's. Corri can tend to like multiple guys but only really love one. Corri's like looking at boys and love makeup, energy drinks, and of course animals. They usually have a ton of friends and are known Amundsen their school. They are also kick ass music players and actors.
Corri is such a cool person, everyone likes her!
by ATOMSOMG December 18, 2010
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A name given to only the hairiest of the hairy. Sometimes referred to as the guy with a huge dong. And buys things online just so he gets them cheaper, including condoms.
Likes to walk around the house naked, and has a massive beard, upstairs and downstairs.
Chris: Dude, did you hear about Big Foot and Sasquatch having a baby?
Dan: Yeah, didn't they name it Corris?
Chris: Yeah! And he has a huge dick!
by ultimateDANgina February 05, 2010
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a Pure lady killer, usually found in Iraq, or germany. always with a man serpent at least 14 inches or larger. Corri's are always way better at using a gun than anyone else within a 100 miles, Corris can beat up chuck f'n norris in one punch. many Corri's have extremely cool fathers, who are often named Ashley. Corri's are always the alpha male within the a pack of other males and always get there pick of the females, usually sporting a fair sized harem of willing concubines.
chuck norris was finally beaten by corri
by ultrasupernectar February 02, 2010
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