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a sexy sporty chick who will do childish things but everyone loves her. Shes crazy and loves to have fun along with anything random. This corrie may seem anything but smart(EX: ditzy, blonde, unobservant,etc.) but she often gets straight A's. Corrie is an amazing girl! Every girl wants to be her friend and every guy would drop to their knees in praise upon seeing her.
Oh my god did you see Corrie today? She looked so amazing!
by tater_bug23 March 19, 2009
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She is possibly the funniest female you will ever meet. Her wit is unmatched. Beware, a Corrie will be very blunt, and anybody could become the subject of her joke. Corries' are generally very smart, even though they often put down their own intelligence. Having a Corrie around will definitley improve your life.
Meet one. You'll will know when you met a Corrie.
by ShutUpBitch12 May 27, 2012
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1. A name to call someone who is, or is acting like they are very drunk.
Geez man, how much have you drank? You are so Corrie right now.
by drob33 March 27, 2010
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The Boss, usually a name given to a man who likes to scratch he's dogs balls, often found in the felt trying to grow a beard and loose weight. Corries often have a tendency to allow random men to enter them from behind.
sam : whats that in the field there??

San mari : looks like a Corrie doing his thing
by ShlongJoe February 04, 2015
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A titi punching little twit that is going to get a cunt punt!
Wow that Fowler girl is a Corrie!
by BB4L-TCB May 19, 2016
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