A politico-economic system in which most power is held by large corporations, often mistakenly called capitalism. This is the current governing system of most of the world.
Man, that ain't capitalism. Look at all advantages the big multinationals get. Subsidies and all that shit. They write the laws. What you got is some motherfucking corporatism.
by zachwolff October 16, 2003
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Commonly mistaken in the late 20th and early 21st Century as Capitalist Democracy, Corporatism is a "reversed fascist" political structure where Corporations impose policy onto Government.
Corporatism has divested Governments of the ability to control policy, economy, and ultimately the fate of the nation.
by Zuhuhpxy Bullit August 13, 2010
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The belief that corporations should and will and should replace both democracy and communism.
Most people in the Unitedd States will lose their fredom and their lifestyle under global corporatism.
by Gary Hall December 23, 2006
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corporatism is something a lot of people on UD get wrong, it's not rule of the corporations. this misinterpretation happens when people see the prefix "corp" and suffix "ism", and they automatically assume "rule of the corporations" while this is not true. corporatism is third position economics which is rejecting both capitalism and communism. capitalism is made for individualism while corporatism is collectivism. corporatism calls for worker unions and class collaboration, while capitalism does not (inherently).
Communist: Dude the United States is corporatist.

Chad Corporatist: WHAT? That's not what corporatism is at all, just because you hear "corp" and "ism", doesn't mean it's rule of the corporations. Corporatist is collectivist and advocates for worker rights, but it is anti-communist and anti-capitalist. It still allows private ownership like private property (as a commodity).

Communist: Oh. Thanks.
by opr8r April 23, 2021
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a person employed in a corporation where he/she takes part in a rat race and whose life is a perfect example of a yuppie-rat's life
Frank: Hey, you know whom I saw yesterday? White shirt, black suit, fancy suitcase, glasses?
Jake: Morgan?
Frank: Bingo! Bastard's a corporat!
by KurtSteinerPL February 16, 2010
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Corporatism, or latter day capitalism, is a result of trusts and public trading allowing the financial sector to take absolute control of a nation's economy - with the state serving as nothing but a vehicle for their wants, via an established managerial class.
Capitalism = a free market with a small state.
Corporatism = an absolute market with a puppet large state.
Fascism = an absolute large state with a puppet market.
Communism = an absolute state with no market.
Free trade and private fiat central currency doesn't happen under mercantilism. Only under corporatism is the financial sector in a position to truly push the public out of the 'affairs of the state', for good.
by Cal Dirty July 5, 2022
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See corporate


Act of making something "corporate." Institutionally defining a process, product or method. Removing all flexibility from a situation by making all-encompassing rules and regulations.

Negative, Orwellian term for making something not fun, mind numbing by overarching rule or removing creatitivity, humanity or titilation.

See Big Brother
That movie theatre was great, until it was CORPORATIZED.
by Something Corp January 27, 2012
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