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corporatism is something a lot of people on UD get wrong, it's not rule of the corporations. this misinterpretation happens when people see the prefix "corp" and suffix "ism", and they automatically assume "rule of the corporations" while this is not true. corporatism is third position economics which is rejecting both capitalism and communism. capitalism is made for individualism while corporatism is collectivism. corporatism calls for worker unions and class collaboration, while capitalism does not (inherently).
Communist: Dude the United States is corporatist.

Chad Corporatist: WHAT? That's not what corporatism is at all, just because you hear "corp" and "ism", doesn't mean it's rule of the corporations. Corporatist is collectivist and advocates for worker rights, but it is anti-communist and anti-capitalist. It still allows private ownership like private property (as a commodity).

Communist: Oh. Thanks.
by opr8r April 23, 2021
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A saying that many edgy kids and degenerates use typically when their lifestyle actions are condemned by the Bible/Christianity.
Christian person: Sorry, I can't support the LGBTQ but I can still be your friend!

Lesbian girl: Ugh, incel! HAIL SATAN!
by opr8r February 10, 2021
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A "holy strawman" is when someone takes someone else's words or a definition and twists them SO out of proportion. A normal strawman was bad but this is just worse...
Person 1: “I think that we should give better study guides to students.”

Person 2: “I think that your idea is bad, because we shouldn't just give out easy A's to everyone.”

Person 1: “Holy strawman, that's not what I said.”
by opr8r April 14, 2021
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Pray to our savior Christ that you don't go to this school. It's filled with vaping junkies, dopes, dyslexics, and some things far worse that man cannot comprehend.
Friend 1: I'm going to Westglades Middle School next year.

Friend 2: Before you go make sure to refrain from breathing for 3-4 business days.
by opr8r November 19, 2020
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Pro-Industry person: The unabomber was not good!

Anti-Industrial person: TIRAICHBADFTHR.
by opr8r April 30, 2021
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BEST MUSICIAN ON THE PLANET! He likes EDM and the meatball sub from Subway.

Peep tha soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/simplifi
Person 1: "Damn ho! Did you hear Simplifi's new album?"

Person 2: "Yeah bro! That shi was fye!"
by opr8r March 25, 2021
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