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Adj. Refusing to do sexual position; especially an extreme position.
man- "but i dont want to do that position!"
woman- "c'mon its not that bad"
man- "no it will hurt"
man- "damn your so intransigent! i'll just get a hooker to do it"
by JessicaKyra November 16, 2009
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In politics, democratic part reflect intransigent attitude towards communitarian politicians. They rarely compromise each other. They are too inexnorable and intransigent.
One of my roomate always full our room with her stuffs and she barely clean the dishes and foods. One day, Me,another roomate sara, and the bitch, filthy, dirth, chick discuss this problem. But, she never withdraw or resign from her intransigent, inflexible, dogged opinion. Holly shit mother fucker.
by purinsy August 29, 2008
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