Pity for someone else's sorrow or loss; Sympathy.
After the sudden death of Princess Diana, thousands of messages of condolenc were sent to her family.
by Larstait November 10, 2003
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A situation that is both unfortunate yet celebratory at the same time. Used in uncomfortable situations.
Them: I got that promotion with a big bump in pay, but the boss is a major asshole.

You: Hey, condolations!

Them: My 16 year daughter's expecting (marrying her thug boyfriend, etc..).

You: Well, condolations.
by late_nite_guy_62 February 20, 2010
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Express sympathy for (someone); grieve with
to condole with a friend whose father has died.
by Evie Richmand December 11, 2017
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When a situation calls for condolences for one and congratulations for someone else.
You're parents got a promotion and they are moving out of state leaving you alone.
"Hey great news about your Moms promotion, oh, sorry you're going to be alone here aren't you? Condolations...
by Steve Day July 09, 2007
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The Condolence Five is given to whom something bad has happened.
Ian's friend get dumped so Ian gave his friend a "Condolence-Five"
by Quinnstefani December 03, 2014
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The time period within which it is still reasonable to expect condolences for the death of a relative.
Dave: My uncle Pete died 5 years ago today.
Andy: Yeah, do you want to go to the pub tonight?
Dave: What the fuck, I just told you that my uncle Pete died.
Andy: Yeah, and?
Dave: Well, aren't you going to say "I'm sorry"?
Andy: Fuck that, 5 years is way outside the condolences window!
by Mentirosa August 06, 2011
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n. The better grades a person receives in school after having a death in the family.
I got straight condolence-A's from all my professors when my father died the day before finals.
by Ryan Betye March 26, 2010
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