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A specific type of booger, resembling a traditional cornflake cereal piece. Typically obtained by depressing one's finger firmly, into the septum of the nose. It is generally made up of standard booger, dried blood and sometimes scab like material.
"Dude, get your finger out of your nose. What are you, digging for gold?"

"Oh man, check out this cornflake..."

"Woah. That's awesome."
by P. Rat January 14, 2017
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A rural person critical and often fearful of urban areas and all of their benefits and hazards. A right-leaning equivalent of a snowflake.
That cornflake is afraid of going into the city for fear of being mugged.
by Lord Dunsany October 3, 2017
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A term used to describe the tri service cap badge worn by new recruits in the Canadian Forces. Also a term of derision for recruits themselves.
"The shitter is backed up and there's shit all over the place."

"Get a cornflake to clean it up"
by CFgrunt February 8, 2012
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A person who rarely deviates from the foods they are accustomed to.
He's a total cornflake, all's he eats is Kraft Dinner and Hotdogs
by picodog June 23, 2010
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Dickhead that really pisses you off in a sporting and or educational activity
"You Fucking Cornflake get off the field dick head"
by Error_402 July 18, 2017
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a greeting, referring to just about anybody; usually used to cause minor confusion to people around you; helps if the person your greeting knows what you talking about; also sometimes used as a nickname or in place of someone's name;
Paul: Yo cornflake! what's up?

Jay: Hey man, not much.

Paul: That's good cornflake, that's good.
by Dr. Pepper the G January 7, 2011
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Used as a code word when telling friends you have lost your virginity in a public area, where it cannot be bluntly said.
Also used when it is too uncomfortable to talk about it directly, everyone will understand what you're talking about.
"What happened last night?" "We had cornflakes." "Cornflakes! No way man are you joking?" "Nah brah." "How was it dude" "It was amazing."
by seth 1234567 December 29, 2007
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