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The undigested piece of corn that attaches itself to the end of the male penis after completion of vigorous anal sex (straight or otherwise).
Shandy pile-drives Katie from behind and pulls out only to discover that she has left him a present.
Shand: Hey Katie try digesting your food, you know I don't like leftovers.

Katie: Yum, a corn nugget, score!
by Turbochargemaximum August 06, 2011
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a really corny person, with a weird sense of humor, who is usually a little slow.
rylee was such a corn nugget last night when she ate the napkin instead of the pizza.
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by isabeela February 19, 2018
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A large and hideous toenail attached to the "great" or otherwise big toe. Unmistakably having the appearance of a large, oversized and thickened corn flake. The corn nugget slowly evolves over many years into a varity of mutations. Some of which, can even astound the owner. The proportions of the nugget can reach alarming sizes, forcing some cities and states to enact laws which compel corn nugget wielding owners to register their nugget as a lethal weapon.

The corn nugget will always announce it's presence by the foul, yet fruity and intoxicating aroma which tingles and teases the olfactory nerveous system in humans. In a recent animal study conducted by the French Navy, it was discovered that when canines were forced to smell and lick a human corn nugget they would immediately and aggressively lick their own rectum, which can only be described as a reflex action in order to get the taste of the nugget out of their mouth.

It was further noted within this study that the dog would always bite it's human handler following the corn nugget exposure. Before any further usefull research could be obtained the French Navy abruptly halted the program amid public outcry of animal cruelty charges.

References to the corn nugget dates back to ancient times. Recently, anthropolgy students from Ohio University discoved crude paintings on the walls of a cave in Southern Ohio that contained depictions of corn nugget afflicted neanderthals. This same cave contained remarkably preserved corn nugget specimens, which when analyzed were found to contain structurely similar compounds commonly found in expensive French perfumes.

Capatilizing on this discovery, a young student quickly discovered he could imitate the fragrance of the exspensive French performs at a fraction of the cost by using freshly clipped corn nuggets that are harvested everyday in our nation's rest homes. Students have entered buisness partnerships with the janitorial staff within these facilities who sweep these clippings from the floors each evening and in turn sell them by the pound. In fact, the industry in corn nugget procurement in Ohio has well surpassed those involved in the cultivation of Marijuana. This has caused many expert marijauna growers to abandon the fields and enter the legal trade in corn nuggets; which has had an adverse effect on local marijauna supplies.

Almost everyone has had an encounter with people who have corn nuggets. Most people have experienced injuries while having aggressive sex with those afflicted. As mentioned above, corn nuggets can have sharp and jagged edges that can cut thru the thickest skin. Inflicting devasting wounds which require weeks to heal.
"Damn bitch, ya fuckin ripped my shin open with that bag ass fuckin corn nugget"
by Mark A. Stewart August 25, 2006
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