Corbin is one sassy ass bitch. Very talented when it comes to theatre. Usually very popular. Corbin hears all the gossip and all the tea. Expect a Corbin too keep all your secrets and only tell people if you stab him in the back.
You know that Corbin guy? Thought so, everyone does
by mr.weiners November 07, 2019
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I extremely tall guy who has a surprisingly small penis. He makes sure to flaunt his small penis at every possible occasion, for reasons unknown to the people around him.
Man I just went to the bathroom to take a leak and corbin was pissing like 2 feet from the urinal so everyone could see his 1 inch dick. what the fuck?
by henry34 October 20, 2011
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A white guy named Corbin with blonde hair a blueish and greenish eyes, He super annoying and thinks that he is the master of Roasting people but he ain't, he's very annoying and clingy and a skinny white guy with spaghetti arms, AND has the big and glossy lips.
OMG corbin is coming over here hide
His lips are bigger than my future
by HatersGonnaH8 February 20, 2017
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