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Nickname given to some one of pale complexion.

Nickname given to someone who has difficulty tanning, who may only turn red or suffer sunburn after extended time in the sun.

Similar to calling a very large person tiny.

Abbreviated - Copper
Don't let coppertone out in the sun, we don't want him to burn like last weekend.
by GFY4273 November 28, 2011
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When a man cums on another person's face, who then rubs the man juice all over their face like sunscreen.
A guy talking to another guy: Man I came on this girl's face last night and she totally coppertoned it.
by thisguy69 March 27, 2010
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Polite word used for your hair is Ginger. Used by people who do not wish to offend ginger people!
Cara your hair has copper tones (I.e you are more ginger than a nut)
by Always_true November 13, 2014
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