An expression that a man uses to express that he would fuck a woman
Man 1: Damn that new girl is fucking fine.

Man 2: Would I!!!
by Johnny Tats September 16, 2008
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Usually said when someone asks you a question that you really don't want to answer, but they won't leave you alone until you answer it. Usually you should say this when your little brother asks you a stupid question and it will cause him to leave you alone and ask your parents.
Little Bro- " Why do girls have cooties???
Me * precedes to browse twitter and facebook*
Little Bro- " I said, Why do girls have cooties!!!!"
Me " How would I know you spoiled piece of shit!!! Get the fuck outta here before I back hand your remedial ass!!"
by All State 1B June 23, 2013
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"how far would I go" is a super valid question that can rightfully be asked in any challenging situation.
It's purpose is to check all visible and hidden potentials of limitations.
by Krkič March 29, 2019
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Short for "I would fuck her". The yes response to wouldya.
Guy #1: Hey, look at the chick at the table over there on the right. Wouldya?

Guy #2: Yeah, I would.
by Big Papi February 2, 2009
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When you see a girl that you'd fuck.
EX 1:
(girl walk by)
Guy: I would
Guy2: Sick, I wouldn't.
by Nadsafs March 14, 2009
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May be used to simply express that they find this person attractive, but is a short way of saying you would engage in sexual activity with said person; 'I would do things with them', emphasis is put on the 'I'.
Often given as a response to "would you?"
May be used comedically or by immature dickheads in public who think women are objects
"Damn see that girl there? Would you?"
"Yeah mate, I would"
by WhichAlias August 14, 2019
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short for 'i would have sex with them.' more often used in a jokey sense
'You look really hot today. I would'

*man sees good looking girl walk past* 'I would.'
by I would. September 17, 2006
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