Copenhagen, Chewing Tabacco, Made By The US Smokless Tabacco Co. since 1822 comes in Snuff, long cut, pouches and various flavors such as whiskey blend
you Wanna Dip a Copenhagen?
by TY3606 April 26, 2009
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Brand of chewing tobacco, comes in Long Cut, Snuff, and Black (bourbon flavored).
by Mike Hunt August 02, 2003
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City in Denmark which has the most beautiful women per-capita in the world. I met Francesca there, and will never forget the experience.
Copenhagen is the true romantic capital of the world.
by Kyle March 19, 2005
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While some belive that it is pure ground bits of angel hair, it is truly only the greatest form of chewing tabbacco known to man. It comes in two forms, long cut, and its shorter cut brother snuff. It is generaly preferd by veteran dippers, because of its higher nicoteen content and bitter taste. It is the chew of choice for all forms of hillbillys and cowboys. Its effects on rookie dippers is generaly vomiting, while in the veterans it produses euphoria. A large dip taken by a veteran may even result in a "tweek out", a form of pure joy expressed by a violant jerking of the body and strage noises made famouse by the imfamouse "Dip Master" Spencer Miles.
God I love Copenhagen!
NO i dont want pussy skoal, im a man I need Copenhagen
Doug: I dont like Copenhagen, i like skoal and grizzly.
Tyler Durrdan: We are goning to have to take his balls.
by Commie Killer November 09, 2008
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A sexual maneuver whereby during a threesome with 2 males involved, one guy sucks off the other as his dick goes in & out of the womans vagina, during reverse cowgirl position.
I was backpacking around France & met this Danish thing you know I was thrown in the mix & he TOTALLY Copenhagened me!
by Colt_Gunn March 12, 2009
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