1. Managing and putting stuff in order.

2. Having intimate and sometimes sexual relations.
ex 1. I am coordinating with the school to prepare a talent show.

ex2. I am coordinating with your best friend ;)
by Jadaimi May 18, 2010
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When one enters the "real world" it will soon become clear that coordinator is a synonym for "office bitch" aka lowest on the totem pole or orginizational chart.
Brittany: Hey lauren, heard you just got a job! What's your title?

Lauren: "Media Coordinator"

Brittany: Oooo. That sounds fancy!

Lauren: Well, it fucking sucks!
by Lo and the DC November 27, 2006
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The inability to be coordinated.
When the cheerleader went arse over tit, her coordinability was plain for all to see.
by (f)Risky October 7, 2013
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Coordinators are either useful or useless, and there are two types:

1. In business, the PROJECT COORDINATOR is used by management to patch over some type of failing that they encounter in their processes. It is easier for them to simply hire someone with "organizational skills" and charge them with the responsibility of "making sure things get done."

Usually their job devolves into mindless nagging and tedious task management. Their nagging also serves to lower worker morale over time, leading to higher employee attrition and fighting in the workplace.

2. In event planning, EVENT COORDINATORS are often extremely necessary, and function as the "glue" that holds an event or project together. They are most necessary in events like concerts or mass protests, where a large number of guests must rely on some amount of structure to be in place for their activities.

Paradoxically, events that appear to be free-form or anarchistic often require the most coordinating work behind the scenes, because the guests expect everything to "just work" for them when they get there. Behind every Burning Man or Bonaroo, there is usually an army of unappreciated, frazzled coordinators working around the clock to make sure that the event goes off without a hitch.
Example 1:

Sysadmin 1- "Did you hear about the new Project Coordinator that management hired?"
Sysadmin 2- "Yea, all he does is send people nagging emails and CC's the boss in all of them, so it looks like he is being productive."
Sysadmin 1- "Screw this man, I'm looking for another job."

Example 2:

Hippie- "Burning Man is awesome! It's proof that thousands of people can just get together and do drugs and it all just works out! Yaay anarchism!"
Event Coordinator- "If you hadn't shared some of that weed with me, I'd be stabbing you in the face right now..."
by d3athp3nguin July 11, 2011
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a hybrid word meaning coordinated and organized; meaning to function as a unit, in addition to matching (in terms of color or clothing)
"melissa's team is so coordinized!!!"
by thewoodman June 1, 2009
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1.a job given to a guy just for the sake of filling up the vacancy.

1.the combination of douche and lame for a person.biggest sucker.
2.a guy who got sand in his vagina.
3.a self-promoting asshole who contributes nothing to the world.
Example 1:
Guy1 : "I don't wanna go to the meeting with the event coordinator,I

just can't stand him bitching the whole time"

Guy2:"yea,me neither.after all, that is what an event coordinator

for,patronizing*rolls eyes*"

Example 2:
"He kept event-coordinating us the whole meeting,duh!"
by nobitaz July 23, 2009
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