1. An empty, or unoccupied place

2. A horror movie about a man and woman who rent a motel room and find that the motel has a hidden snuff business.
1. Look, the bathroom is vacant, lets go get sexual.

2. Man I saw Vacancy last night, that shit was mad disturbing.
by adamswagerr November 9, 2007
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you just have fun and are in empty space with fun friends
do not care what others do, you live in your own bubble
You live in a bubble
let gets into a bubble in vacancy
by Vacancy2021 March 21, 2021
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An opening which could not be filled in the final year of Obama's term, because - "We need to let the people decide", and which must immediately be filled, if it occurs, in the final days of Trump's term, because - hey.
The Republicans' blatantly partisan approach to a Supreme Court vacancy was among the many expressions of their moral bankruptcy.
by Monkey's Dad July 21, 2020
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