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A period of time that denotes a long while has elapsed.
Jonny, I haven't see you in a coon's age, How the hell are you?
by Tbone April 22, 2004
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Normally raccoons normally live roughly 5-6 years in the wild. However once in awhile you will find a big grizzly one that is about 15-16 years old. This my friends, is what you call a "coon's age".
I've had that dog for a coons age, I wouldn't give it up.
by Shattoww January 24, 2008
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An unknown amount of time that is guaranteed to be longer than originally estimated to be.
He is taking a coons age to get ready. "or" Its going to be a coons age until that nigga is ready.
by Jason Itrich November 06, 2008
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A coons age is any time frame that has taken place in the past regardless of duration. This way you can drop country swag to identify and period of past time frame.

The english language needs more words like Fuck, interchangeable and always fits into any context. I havent updated this fucking website in a coons age, even though i just did.

That's the kind of coons age swag droppage this country needs.
i reckon i haven't been to the bar in a coons age.

I havent trimmed my eye brows in a coons age
your mom used to come to my house daily, seems like a coons age ago and it was only yesterday.
by Coony McCoonsage December 13, 2015
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