I was constipating how I had ended up face down ass up in my neighbor's front yard with a bottle of Jack next to me.
by fRISKY rISKY April 19, 2022
when you've gotta go, but you're ass says no
chips got constipation
by botaf November 11, 2003
Me: Doctor! I think i'm constipated.
Doctor: What did you eat?
Me: Really nothing but i did shove flex tape up my ass.
Morgan Freeman: And the moral here is.. Don't shove flex tape up your ass
by qwertyhujkjhgfdfgbnmhbg October 30, 2018
The act of not being able to squeeze a terd out it is probably just as bad as having a baby, results in horrible cramps, possible infection, and even sometimes the need of having something stuck up your ass.
I once was extremely constipated and didnt poop for a week and nothing would work, no enemas, supositories, laxatives, nothing.... so what they did was bring me to the hospital, stuck a tube down my nose in to my stomach and pumped an unbelievable ammount of laaxative in to me... 4 liters. I shat for 12 hours and after all the poo was clear i shat water wow what a fun time.
by APfromMSP May 1, 2005
The state where taking a shit is hard and it hurts like a mother fucker!

In German it is called: Farfrompoopin.
by Fart Matser August 24, 2003
When you're full of crap, and you don't give a shit
John was full of crap, but he couldn't shit, he was constipated
by Mystic_Snowfang June 25, 2009
When you mentally have to go poopie, but you can't physically go poopie.
I gotta go pooooooooopie!!!!!!!
by Screw u bitch August 6, 2004