13 definitions by Mystic_Snowfang

An under apreicated flower
A dandylion is not a weed, it's just an underapriciated flower
by Mystic_Snowfang August 20, 2008
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Someone who likes both Star Wars and Star Trek. Walks the middle path between both Star Wars and Star Trek and wants Trekkies and Warsies to stop fighting.
I'm not a Trekkie or a Warsie, I'm a Starsie.
by Mystic_Snowfang April 2, 2008
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When you're full of crap, and you don't give a shit
John was full of crap, but he couldn't shit, he was constipated
by Mystic_Snowfang June 25, 2009
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a person who irritates the crap out of you
Bob is such an laxitive
by Mystic_Snowfang October 7, 2010
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To do oneself in because the person you are intamantly involved with kicked the bucket.
To Pull A Romeo : When He heard that his girlfriend died, bob jumped off a bridge and Pulled a Romeo
by Mystic_Snowfang July 11, 2008
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Tony is my sibling. He bugs the heck out of me, but I love him so much.
by Mystic_Snowfang July 11, 2008
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