The feeling when a person believes in so many conspiracy theories nothing seems real to them anymore.
Have you seen Bob? Since he got into that flat earth he's in a full on conspiral!
by Bob Dobbs23 June 26, 2017
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(noun) - The moment of formation or state of forming a conspiracy, particularly in a work setting.
The five of us had a spontaneous conspiration, when we realized that each of us knew that two of the four owners were fucking headcases and we had to help each other find parachutes before the plane went into the drink.
by Frustrated_Monolingual February 28, 2011
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origins in South Florida, (verb) to conspirate; to act in a way towards someone else with sneaky intentions; in collusion with a second party or more. to create a conspiracy. to make a conspiration. an alliance of conspirators.
Johnny's friends will conspirate to buy him a surprise birthday gift.
by mulletboat June 6, 2009
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To make a plan to conspire against a group or another being with multiple beings for a common goal
"They are in the coffee shop conspirating against us as we speak"
by Barty McTinez August 14, 2011
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Having to do with conspiracy.
People who find the word conspiracy annoying, are often just conspirical beings themselves.
by George VV. Bush June 10, 2006
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Your partner in crime, the individual you engaged in an activity with, not necessarily having to do with an actual conspiracy.
After I became inebriated Saturday night with my co-conspirator, I had to call a taxi to drive us home.
by Youknowwhomadethis July 22, 2015
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