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The act of taking a Jello-Shot or sucking any sort of gelatin product out of another person's ass crack.
Me: Dude, did you see what Chris did this weekend?

John: All I know is he sucked Jello out of Ashtin's ass!

Me: I was there dude! It was sick! That's the first time I've ever seen someone actually do a Conover!
by AJ16 November 03, 2011
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To flail around as if having been suddenly attacked by a swarm of killer bees or stricken with an unexpected bout of palsy.
Dude, he found out his wife was getting filled out like a job application and he totally conovered.
by Coastalsoundz May 18, 2009
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when one parties so hard during a convention, that the ensuing hangover lasts as long as the entire "con"
@spillcrew demonstrated a "con-over" when tweeting "4 days of Spill Dot Con followed by 4 days of Spill Dot Hangover"
by Izanami Drachios June 27, 2011
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