A profession gaming clan in the FPS game "Soldier front"

This clan made it to the national Special Force league 2 times in a row
Oh man, I just got owned by confound 20-0 :
by Soldierfront123456 December 25, 2009
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1) Confused, frustrated, baffled.

2) Accursed, frustrating, annoying. Synonymous with blasted.
1) The Mystery of the Malfunctioning Computer confounded me for seven years, but Detective McEaghen solved the case with relative ease.

2) How am I supposed to log on to this confounded thing?
by Diggity Monkeez April 25, 2005
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Used to express surprise, frustration or anger. Term that can be used as a non-offensive replacement for damn it or goddamn it.
Confound it! I can't find my darned keys!
by Matthew678 March 19, 2019
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Used as an intensifier, and placed like an adjective. It literally means "confused" or "foiled". As slang, it is equivalent to "danged" or "darned". Used mostly in the southern U.S. and in Scotland.
Dagnabbit, where in the Sam Hill did you get that frickin' piece of crud? Get the confounded thing out of here!
by JCEG November 25, 2006
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v. increasing the confusion or incomprehension of
Confounding this previously mentioned thought, I will elaborate upon the many possible definitions of confounding.
by catsocks January 4, 2008
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Variables that occur when the two explanatory variables , x and z, have a collective causation effect on y. The difference between the two cannot be distinguished because there is not enough evidence to determine the validity of a statistical relationship.
Weight gain is greatly influenced by activity level, but age, the confounding variable, also plays an influential role on weight gain.
by YolandaSquatbike December 9, 2021
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