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To use a condom in manner that does not involve blocking sperm from getting to the egg. This could involve any way of creatively exploring the many uses of a condom including, but not limited to hot air balloons, dental dams, water fights, bag stuffing, suffocation, throwing in a humorous manner, sliding under the door of a person's room while they are getting it on - super on, using as throwing stars, socks, garden gloves, food storage, the thing that holds that goldfish from the fair - but dies anyway, etc. Superman has the ability to spray them out of his eyes (one of his less widely known abilities), thus creating a wall of impermeable substance that flusters his enemies to the point of premature ejaculation. All of this falls under the category of Condoming.
Damn you Superman and your condoming capabilities! My pants are now soiled beyond repair and my reputation with the fabled female is even worse off than it was before.
by Don Alejandro Castello October 04, 2009
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To tactfully use condoms in a non traditional manner, by unraveling them out, and placing them around someone's home, garden, work as a means of humor.
Damm, you guys must have been condoming forever. When I got home from work my room was littered with condoms.
by Sriracha Jo May 23, 2016
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