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An insult disguised as a compliment used to secretly burn slower individuals. Can also be used to bait internet bullies who will foolishly think you tried to spell compliment
Paul: wow that was a really nice thing you said about tori
Me: nah fuck her it was a Complimate I meant the opposite of it. And I bet that bully Liz will foolishly pounce on it and make a fool of herself.

Paul: lol
by Bobrossislove July 18, 2016
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When you are trying to friendzone someone without being a complete cunt.
Ben really likes me but I don't know how to reject him without being harsh.

Just complimate him.

For example- You are a really great friend, but a shit lover.
by walkingnoboday April 12, 2019
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a portmanteau of compliment and hate: to offer a compliment that is actually hateful
"That's the smartest thing you've ever said in your life!" "Don't you complimate (on) me!"

While acknowledging the other's intelligence, the complimater suggests that it is rarely, if ever, expressed. Hence, the speaker is complimenting and hating simultaneously.
by Septentrionalist January 23, 2012
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