Someone who places their career above all other things, often at the cost of fun, friends, and human interaction. Often displays sycophantic behavior to earn favor from their superiors, similar to a "kiss ass" or "brown noser".
Poor Ryan, his girlfriend of 6 years dumped him because he never spent time with her. He was always at work. What a sad, sad, company man.
by fred_morales September 1, 2009
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A yes man. A suit. Some joker whose only goal in life is the expansion of his/her own career. A suck-up. A brown-noser. A worm. These guys piss me off.
Hey dirtbag, you can eat me you company man.
by Die_Tasse May 22, 2004
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Company Man:
1. Derogative term for an individual who dedicates himself to his place of work at the expense of his hobbies, family, or friends.
2. Generally known to work long hours, often without pay.
3. Known for reporting other employees who don't act in his company's best interest (See Narc).
I can't believe Alfredo skipped wing night to finish those TPS reports! He's such a confirmed company man.
by RJ123 August 31, 2009
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Noun. The formal title given to an employee of an organization (Corporation, LLC, LLP, 501(c)3), male or female, that is a royal suck-up or lackey, willing to perform any task on-demand to relish in self-gratification for the sake of promotion or monetary gain.
Ex. "Check it. The CEO's favorite pen ran out of ink, so Phil took time out of his lunch hour to buy him a refill. What a dick. He's truly a company man".
by ImperialSaint55 June 10, 2013
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On an oil rig, a company man is the guy employed directly by the oil company to oversee the running of the rig. He is a company man as opposed to an employment agency worker.

Company men get more benefits and perks, that agency workers can only dream about.
Lets go into the company mans' quarters and steal their caviar
by frankie STD October 7, 2009
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the opposite of an entrepreneur. Someone who prefers the 'punching a time clock' approach to work.
There's a great scene in True Detective where Rust Kohle calls out the detective for being a company man.
by TheExpatreneur December 27, 2014
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one who is better described in terms of an organization than in terms of himself; one who has been successfully converted from a piece of humanity into a piece of technology.
stubblefield, that nihilist douche, fired you because he is a company man, and therefore has no involvement in the human social contract. god have mercy on our fucking souls; he is an argument against life.
by kagus christ December 3, 2004
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