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Amar "Big Dirty" Bains. See Bainsie Poo. Bains is the man. He loves it when ladies.... yeah.
"Bring me a sandwich, along with your massive lun"
by Die_Tasse February 9, 2005
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To tell someone to get the hell out cuz they are a Mental Infant. Seriously, some people just need to be told that they are not as smart as the rest of us and that they should just stop wasting everyone's time and get the hell out.
Hey man I just played 100 straight hours of Final Fantasy.
Dude, you know where the door is, now get the hell out
by Die_Tasse May 21, 2004
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When your calf and ankle merge into one super joint. Tom Burg has some cankles. See Summer Sausage or No Ankles Burg.
"I don't know who that chick was, but she had some major cankles" - Joe "Shabs" Udvari
by Die_Tasse February 9, 2005
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Damn you Fido, you ate my cookies... someone grab the gun.
by Die_Tasse May 22, 2004
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A person who wastes other people's time by pretending to be smart but is just a moron. If you see one of these people just say, you know where the door is and they will head on out if they know what's good for em.
Sometimes you just look and around and see all these mental infants fumbling around with whatever they are trying to do... sometimes it makes me cry
by Die_Tasse May 21, 2004
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One who asks really stupid questions in AP Chemistry and gets on my nerves. AHHHHHHHH. Disgusting people. They sit there and discuss the functions of TI-89s and -83s and when the teach gives them a dumb look and a sarcastic answer they take him seriously, thinking he is trying to explain somethign to them. They think they deserve to go to Stanford or Harvard or Princeton when they really don't deserve to get into American Intercontinental online college. They don't understand that school is about learning and not about getting points. I mean who the hell gives out points in the real world. Honestly, when these people get a job and there boss says good job, they will look back with a dumbass grin and ask, "Would I have deserved an A." These people sicken me.
You soulless point monger. Get out of my sight.

"My TI-89 does integration"
by Die_Tasse February 9, 2005
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