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Noun. The formal title given to an employee of an organization (Corporation, LLC, LLP, 501(c)3), male or female, that is a royal suck-up or lackey, willing to perform any task on-demand to relish in self-gratification for the sake of promotion or monetary gain.
Ex. "Check it. The CEO's favorite pen ran out of ink, so Phil took time out of his lunch hour to buy him a refill. What a dick. He's truly a company man".
by ImperialSaint55 June 10, 2013

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The ability for upper management and subordinates to work together in setting company policies, strategies, and operational functionality.
Ex. 1: "Customer ratings improved dramatically once the Board of Directors voted to enact workplace democracy among the corporation's employees"

Ex. 2:

Ernesto: "Have you noticed micromanagement has drastically subsided lately?"

Alexandra: "Yep, thank goodness the Board actually accomplished something and invoked workplace democracy."
by ImperialSaint55 June 10, 2013

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