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(verb) - To search through a crowd of people (to "Comb") seeking out, and flirting with the attractive females.
We combed hard at that party! I got like 4 numbers!
by ImMcLovinIt April 21, 2011
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A toothed device used for grooming and styling hair. Modern combs are usually made of plastic, but combs have been manufactured for thousands of years from a variety of materials including metal, wood and bone.
"I used a comb to style my luxuriant coif this morning."
by wordnerd119 December 21, 2011
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Cum On My Butthole
It's internet Macro speak for when you want somebody to cum on your butthole or imply that somebody is enough of a fag to want your cum on their butthole.
I was doing my hair and said I needed my comb. Next thing you knew, my roommate shot a load on my anus.
by jjnord June 18, 2010
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Someone is is short and sucks a lot of dick. They love to play x-box 360 all the time because they have no life. They suck at school and always feel like they just just hang themselves. Also atracted to people named Spencer. All around douchebag.
Hey look at that COMBS!

That kid is a fag, he must be a COMBS!
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choking on my bread.

When something is so funny that you choke on your metaphorical bread. Can also be amalgamated with lmao and rofl.
(Roflcomblmao = rolling on the floor laughing choking on my bread laughing my ass off)
Mike: bwahahahaha did you see those two girls fighting over that midget outside?
Dan: Yeah! Roflcomb!!
by Bod1 May 31, 2009
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A word expressing neatness or something extremely organized and overall appealing
"Bro that shirt is mad comb where'd you get it?"

"Yo I had to get totally comb for this banquet last night"
by AM2hype4U May 14, 2017
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