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Another word for a sex offender. The difference between a colostomizer and a sex offender, is that sex offenders normally target young children. A colostomizer targets older women in the 50-60 year old range. A colostomizer, just like a sex offender could do, may prefer men over women, and may engage in gay sex with the victim(s). A Colostomizer is very hard to find, and almost impossible to catch. After all, you don't find a colostomizer, a colostomizer finds you. Tactics include "The Damsel in the Distress", "This isn't where I parked my car", and the infamous "The Viagra Manuever." A colostomizer usually is pale, prefers a cold environment, and is a raving homosexual.

Also known as a douche bag.
Colostomizer: Hey there young lady! Here, let me escort you across the street.
Grandma: What a gentleman!
Colostomizer: The city is gettin' dangerous, let me escort you back to your home.
Grandma: Well, I suppose there's no harm in that.
(Unknown event(s) occur)
*Gay sex follows with Grandpa*
by FEDER4TION August 29, 2006
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Another word for a colostomizer is a dirty whore, or a tramp. It is a commonly used term among pimps, such as, when the bitch doesn't have the money for the pimp.
Dat fuckin colostomizer don't have my money again, Ima beat her ass next time I see her.
by FEDER4TION August 19, 2006
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A male known as a "Colostomizer" is a particularly bad-a motherfucker, specifically with respect to his relative skill at any of a number of competitive endeavors. Whether it be videogames or basketball, a Colostomizer will fuck you up so badly that, once he's done with you, you'll be in desperate need of a colostomy bag (read: your asshole will be loose to the point that you can no longer control when you take a shit).
Man, you just got owned by that Colostomizer! Seriously, it's like a Greyhound bus just drove straight into your asshole and kept on going!
by The Colostomizer August 24, 2006
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