Collaboration. Some people use it when making videos. A collaboration video.
Dude: Hey lets make a video together!! xD

Girl: You mean like a collab?

Dude: Yup! A collab video it is! :D
by RickStars. (NickyName. =P) November 9, 2008
on this day, October 26th, 2018, three decently known instagram meme pages had the most legendary collab in all of mankind. These pages were @Hetero_flexual, @Lilgoofey, and @Cloutifypremium.
The Collab.

The Collab is the most common name for the legendary collaboration that took place on Oct 26 2018, between three instagram meme pages. (hetero_flexual) (lilgoofey) (cloutifypremium)
by just a instagram meme lover October 26, 2018
short for collaboration, means to do a partnership with two or more persons. mainly use when talking about making a video together or music track
hey, want to collab in a smash or pass vlog?
by hashtagkem February 19, 2018
short for collaborate, used in the context of hanging out with someone.
brah, we so need to collab this weekend.
by j. ro October 24, 2003
Noun referring to a user with editing rights on the messageboards and artist-and-release entries on the Metal Music Archives and ProgArchives pages.

'Collab' is an abbreviated form of 'collaborator'.
by Master of Evöl March 5, 2011
A disingenuous practice among young aspiring social media "influencers" (who are attracted to that lifestyle as a way of avoiding real work) who pretend to be, or delude themselves into believing, they are a legitimate entrepreneur or business owner whereby they seek to convince actual legitimate and productive businesses to give them free products and/or services in exchange for "exposure" on their social media accounts or on user-generated review sites.
Hotel Owner: Hello

Wanna-be Social Media Influencer: Hi! I'm a big deal Instagram Influencer with 2000 followers. I would like to collab with you and give your hotel exposure on my Instagram account in exchange for two weeks stay for me and boyfriend in your best suite free of charge!

Hotel Owner: Miss, you are the 50th so-called "influencer" to beg me for free accommodations today. But I will try to remain calm and tell you the same thing I told the other 49, today. Even if we had the interest and the vacancy available, that represents a huge expense for our business that we cannot afford. Besides, our account has over 50,000 followers.

Wanna-be Social Media Influencer: You don't have to be rude about it. I'm a legitimate business owner just like you!

Hotel Owner: Miss, you are a privileged drop out trying to avoid a real job while asking those who work hard and took real risks to fund your desire for a high standard of living.
by Brandurex August 28, 2020