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A person who wanted to be a lawyer but couldn’t get the grades.
Lawyer 1: he’s an accountant.....
Lawyer 2: geez it’s not that hard.....
by Thelexicon March 5, 2021
A person who has either never been in business or who has failed at being in business and has decided to do some Google searches like “how to run a business“ and then charge people to teach them what they read on Google.
Businessman 1: my business coach has been a complete waste of time and money.

Businessman 2: Actually “business coach” is a synonym for “complete waste of time and money”.
by Thelexicon March 5, 2021
*verb. A word used by an Instagram influencer to indicate that they want a goods or service provider to give them something for free.
Influencer: Hey can we collab? I’ll eat at your restaurant with my friends at no cost and I’ll give you exposure on my insta.
Restaurant owner: fuck off cheapskate.
by Thelexicon March 3, 2021