Collaboration. Some people use it when making videos. A collaboration video.
Dude: Hey lets make a video together!! xD

Girl: You mean like a collab?

Dude: Yup! A collab video it is! :D
by RickStars. (NickyName. =P) November 9, 2008
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short for collaboration, means to do a partnership with two or more persons. mainly use when talking about making a video together or music track
hey, want to collab in a smash or pass vlog?
by hashtagkem February 19, 2018
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*verb. A word used by an Instagram influencer to indicate that they want a goods or service provider to give them something for free.
Influencer: Hey can we collab? I’ll eat at your restaurant with my friends at no cost and I’ll give you exposure on my insta.
Restaurant owner: fuck off cheapskate.
by Thelexicon March 3, 2021
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on this day, October 26th, 2018, three decently known instagram meme pages had the most legendary collab in all of mankind. These pages were @Hetero_flexual, @Lilgoofey, and @Cloutifypremium.
The Collab.

The Collab is the most common name for the legendary collaboration that took place on Oct 26 2018, between three instagram meme pages. (hetero_flexual) (lilgoofey) (cloutifypremium)
by just a instagram meme lover October 26, 2018
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short for collaborate, used in the context of hanging out with someone.
brah, we so need to collab this weekend.
by j. ro October 24, 2003
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Noun referring to a user with editing rights on the messageboards and artist-and-release entries on the Metal Music Archives and ProgArchives pages.

'Collab' is an abbreviated form of 'collaborator'.
by Master of Evöl March 5, 2011
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