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Calling random people , and trying to make them buy or donate something they really don't want to and often just hang up because sales people have no soul.
Cold Caller: Hello my name is ___ calling for ..
Random person: Fuck off and take me off your lists now! (hang up)also see cold calling
by fuckmy_non-existant_life September 24, 2009
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1. Attempting to sell a package of TV channels to a person who does not own a TV.

2. Attempting to get the person who has just stated that he does not own a TV to go and buy a TV.

3. Attempting to convince this person to go and find all his friends and family members who have a TV to switch to the package of TV channels being offered.

4. Attempting to convince the same person who has already has a mobile phone with 17 months on his contract left to run that he should break his contract in order to buy a new mobile phone from the cold caller.

5. Attempting to convince the same person who still doesn't want a TV package or new mobile phone that he should purchase a backup phone in case his current mobile is lost.

I am that person, and this is a true story.
Hi Mr. Hopeful Target, I am giving you a cold call today out of desperation to meet my sales quota at 1.53am to offer you an exclusive package of channels for the television that you don't have!
by Joe Coffee July 19, 2011
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