A person who called you about a service that you did not apply for.
Hey, I didn't say anything about a lawn mowing service. Damn cold caller!
by Wizeguy400 April 25, 2019
A relatively successful debt collector that makes over $50,000/year and thinks he's the shit because he's managed to enter the lower-middle class in such a low skill occupation.
"Bruce wears tailored suits everyday, even on casual Friday. He thinks he's some kind of Cold-Caller Baller."
by the Perdverts May 31, 2014
When being caught off guard in a scenario by someone who wants something, quickly restoring control by making demands of your own. Usually leads to awkwardness and some confusion on the part of the person who started the conversation. The term is known to originate from Surrey where individuals who when answering the door to cold-callers, would reverse roles and persuade the cold-caller to buy something or make a donation etc.
Cold-caller: Hello there, i was wondering whether you would like to make a donation today to Save the World?

Individual: Hmm, that sounds very noble but I believe a more worthy cause to be ........... It was set up around 40 years ago and looks to .......... Would you be interested in setting up a standing order.

Individual 2: Ah you're so bad, always cold-calling the cold-caller.
by SouL Camera August 16, 2011