A cold hearted formal who got tiered of getting fucked over and decided she wasn't gonna care anymore she's the baddest female around and shouldn't be fucked with. Commonly scorpions ,Amber's,Rebecca's
Guy1: dude remember my ex?
Guy2: ya amber right?
Guy1: she's such a cold bitch now
by alextra112100 July 15, 2014

a. hard as nails, not to be fucked with, an emotionally strong and tuff female.
Don't go looking for trouble with her, because she's Wun Cold Bitch!
by Afffiniti March 20, 2010
It’s when you need to settle down and worry about staying warm instead of worrying about twerking , bitching , etc
Girl you wanna go to this party , hell naw it’s cold bitch winter
by Gangstamoep October 10, 2019
That one skank that always opens your snapchats but never responds.
Jannet always leaves me on read, what a stone cold bitch.
by Pussy Feind December 5, 2015
A female who only drinks cold-brew, because nothing else is strong enough or bitter enough for her, or her caffeine addicted tendencies. If she does not receive her daily dose of cold brew caffeine by 10am The world could end. She will start complaining of a headache and quit having sex with you. This is when the real bitch shows up and her cold becomes more than just the ice used to cool the coffee.
I swear why is that girl always so cold , mean, and moody, too go along with her bad breath? Oh don’t worry champ, she is just a Cold Brew Bitch
by GIRTHQUAKE72 November 5, 2019
A cold hearted bitch is a person who has gone through a lot of stuff, a person who seemed to care about others too much and received nothing but disrespect and bad shit in exchange. By that the person switched up, he/she stopped caring about anything they kept everything to them selves and showed no type of emotions
"She's been treated like shit so many times, she became a cold hearted bitch"
by Marshall's wife March 29, 2016
A woman who is has no empathy and is deceitful, ungrateful, unscrupulous and supremely manipulative. She uses sex as a weapon. Along with ruining other people’s lives she also ruins her own. She associates with men who use her for their own selfish purposes and she does the same in turn. It is tragic but as the same time so is the plight of those she victimizes. She has utility driven existence devoid of anything meaningful. She mocks those who are “beneath” her but does not realize they have what she can never have and like Shylock she will realize she can’t drag her ill begotten wealth down to hell. Laughs at homeless people but will in turn not understand or forgive other people’s demons. Sees empathy as a weakness.
That cold hearted bitch is cold, remorseless, unfeeling, rich and high functioning.
by macbeth2011 November 2, 2011