Shylock was a character in one of Shakespear's plays (The Merchant of Venice). He was a Jewish usurer, so saying that a person is a Shylock means he's a loan shark.
You really shouldn't mess with the guys down on 57th, they're real shylocks and the interest rates will kill you.
by Isis January 2, 2005
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Shifty person of Jewish extraction,who is adept at illegal activities.
When Carl wanted to find someone to burn down his building for the insurance payout,he enlisted the help of the shylocks.
by Nuck Borris March 3, 2017
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Another term for a Mafia loan money collector. Personified by the character Chili Palmer from the "Get Shorty" and "Be Cool" novels and films.
I think i might go back to my old job being a shylock
by D THOMAS January 6, 2012
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The curly ear locks that male Hasidic Jews have... pejorative of course... and not to be confused with the oddly similar and equally stylish chelsea hair-do.
Moishe shaved off his isro, leaving only the shylocks.
by g.d.a. April 20, 2006
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Zipper, fly. As a security feature for your 'shy bits'. True to its Shakespearean origins (the Merchant of Venice)it also holds a pound of flesh.
Your Shylock's undone - there's your pound of flesh LOL.
by Yao-han April 27, 2009
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It officially means loan shark, but in reality, it should mean, victim, victim that reacts and gets punished because "Jews aren't supposed to fight back"! Like Shylock himself!
Example 1 Shylock (rightfully angry)-and what's his reason, I am a Jew!
Everyone Else in the play-You deserve it, you're a Jew!
(In the end he is forced to convert to Christianity!)
by Cinder0 February 5, 2016
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