I got ahold of a ball and was coked up till 9am at my boy's house.
by TheHose February 2, 2005
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acting like you are under the influence of cocaine, whether you are or not.
alternate: going crazy with pent up energy for no apparent reason.
Dude, Jamie is so coked up on caffeine right now. Don't even try talking to her right now.

I am so coked up, and I have no idea why. I just need to dance or something.
by Kricketpalooza November 6, 2007
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A retard's (or an old fart's) way of referring to being under the influence of cocaine.
Grandpa: Tommy, why don't you come over tomorrow night so you can get coked up with your favorite granddaddy
Tommy: *sigh* Grandpa, that's not how you say it. Plus you shouldn't be doing cocaine, you're like practically dead
by blahblahblahthatadoreme January 7, 2011
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Someone is who is so coked up on the devils dust that they can’t function properly and keep fucking shit up
“Hey Jesse, you’re late to work again, that’s 3 times this week, you’re a fucking coked up retard”
by Gaddo4 December 2, 2020
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Cleaning up the house after a party just to find the extra coke left behind from the night before.
..that was a sick party last night, now to end the weekend, let's do a quick coke clean-up, maybe get one more bump
by ohthatgirl June 22, 2011
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Boys We Are Driving At 20miles/hr,We Really Need To Coke Things/It Up.

Why Are You Taking So Much Time To Think..? Coke Things/It Up Man.
by Unkle Gaga October 13, 2010
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