Literally: The act of murdering a coin
Methaphorically: wasting tons of money
Person 1: Hey, can you lend me 1$?
Person 2: Sorry, but I had to commit coincide for that new iPhone :/
by XDtheMeme December 19, 2021
Something that coincidentally coencides with something else.

E.g. markiplier Outlast 2 Part 6 minute 32
"I am in some sort of fugue state that just so hhhhHAPPENS... to coincidate with the actual world." -Markiplier Outlast 2.
by CareBear67 April 9, 2018
When you and someone else are doing the same dance in the same place at the same time without knowing it
Wow, we were doing the same dance at the same time without knowing it. What a coincidance!
by theyogiguy June 28, 2018
Noteworthy event of having the exact change during small cash transactions.
"$2.65 ? Wow ,what a coincidence.Thats exactly what i have in my pocket!
by helmet blissta November 17, 2008
A compartmentalized serendipity formed by an underlying synchronicity.
Coincidence is formed by the underlying universal synchronicity of the Law of Attraction.
by Daniel Lee Perez July 15, 2008
The act of demented occurrences that have no connection what so ever.
Him: Wow, we were wearing shirt today
Bus Driver: Omg, We Do!
Him: What a crazy coincidency!
by GreatWordMaker 😁 April 27, 2021
Something that arises from two or more original ideas being related.
Our favorite characters from childhood have significant meaning together in adulthood, and that is a coincidence.
by Ereck Flowers March 12, 2015