Coffee Pots: a group of three guys who sit in the break room at work, drink coffee, and talk about sports and politics.
The Coffee Pots are hogging the table in the break room again; talking sports and politics as usual.
by Moblspank June 30, 2023
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When a man rests his testicles on another persons forehead and puts the head of his penis in that persons eye.
Kristy was acting out of line, so Ryan gave her a coffee pot.
by Du's Friend Ryan October 10, 2005
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Tea bagging someone so hard they taste it in the morning
Bob: Man what the hell happened to you??

Matt: I got coffee potted and now this taste won't go away!!
by Death's design September 11, 2010
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Coffee pot poachers: Alert

Definition: A person or persons who is engaged in a covert mission to roam the building in search of fresh coffee. Once fresh coffee is found they will kill the pot and disappear without a trace. No thought of making a new pot crosses their mind.
What to look for: These people are very hard to spot and blend in very well with the rest of the office personnel. You must be sneaky and spend copious amounts of time near the pot to even get a glimpse of their clandestine mission. They are crafty and should not be approached. They will adamantly defend their position that they “did not know the pot was empty!”
Did you see the coffee pot poacher? We must have just missed him I can still smell him aftershave!
by Reelriver April 27, 2015
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A particularly bad smell, usually associated with flatulence.
"Jesus H Corbett Christine! Give it a rest! It stinks like the Devil's coffee pot in here!" - Adrian Chiles, formerly of 'The One Show'
by JimiTheSaint September 16, 2010
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