When the cheesecake from cheese cake factory smells like the ratchet third Simpson sister, and smells like coffee.
Hillary Duff: Ugh she's such a coffee ass!
by OmgShane March 28, 2016
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the feeling u get after consuming way too much coffee. u can no longer trust a fart at risk u might shart, and when u use the restroom, the liquidy excrement looks and smells like a very dark roast coffee. Often leading to an itchy & burning ass.
After several cups of coffee, Mike was returning to the restroom every few minutes; it was quite obvious to his coworkers he had a case of coffee ass.
by ilikecoffee May 25, 2013
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Something that smells like ass yet is similar to a coffee smell. Aka kinda smells like shit.
Girl 1: Oh my god! You like Jerry? He smells like coffee ass..
Girl 2: As if, Ashley. You're so extra, you basic bitch!
by greenmetblue March 28, 2016
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Morning beverage that should taste fresh and uplifting; unfortunately, those who do not put effort in morning coffee create a vile beverage that is usually spit out immediately
Geoff put fresh coffee grounds into the old coffee filter this morning again; he's made ass coffee again, prick!
by bigsexxxy August 23, 2010
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when you drink low quality beer resulting in the next day you shit liquid in short concentrated bursts.
mike, last night that Pabst blue ribbon brewed a nice pot of ass coffee for this morning.
by Ben Paxton September 14, 2007
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