Allowing weak people to whine and sit back and not get their work done.
Sue was so busy coddling April, that she never got her homework finished.
by The Word Woman February 4, 2010
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A sexual act involving 2 gay men, fecal matter and a Condom. The act begins when one male, usually the bottom, defecates into a condom. The other, usually the top, then inserts his dick into the shit-filled condom, and inserts the dick-shit hybrid into the other man's anus. This extends the length and/or girth of the first man's erect penis and therefore heightens pleasure for the recieving male.
"Have you fucked clay yet? He is the BEST at coddling. It makes my ass feel unlike anything else i've ever experienced!"
by eanator January 24, 2019
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Act of getting your dick handled in a manner of extreme delicacy and care.
Got the best mouthski last night ,, she was basically coddling it.
by talenta942 April 8, 2010
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A verb, meaning "cuddle", only British.
Oy, that was brilliant! Blimy.. come back here so I can coddle you!
by the jabberwock April 21, 2006
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Dublin stew. Potatoes, carrots, onions, rashers and sausages. Beautiful
Hey Mary from Cork, would you like some coddle??

What the fuck is coddle?
by colin... October 29, 2008
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To cuddle intensively or hold carefully with passion xoxo gossip girl
I love to coddle the shiz nitz outta my biznich
by Skylove420 January 5, 2020
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Also as coddling.
holding/cupping of male testicles whether their own or someone else’s.
Dude why’s your hand down your pants?
- I don’t know I’m just coddling my balls.
Yeah babe suck it.. yes.. coddle my balls.. oh yeah!
by MakeItSnappy January 24, 2019
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