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oral pleasure. a blow-j. when a lady proceeds to wrap her lips around the tip of a gentleman's penis.

ways to increase your chances of recieving mouthski:
1) buy her a binyon's (or pbr, high life, etc)
2) compliment her on her tote bag
3) take your niece to see her dressed as a mall santa (only if you are into bigger girls...all meat and no potato...know what i mean?)

the girls in broken arrow, oklahoma skip the handski and go right to the mouthski. if you find a real freak, you may even get the footski.
by officer slater January 16, 2008
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Term used to refer to oral sex.

Syn. Bj, head, dome
Damn yo, did you at least get a mouthski?
by scampanon July 10, 2009
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