Cockslapping is the practice is slapping someone's face with your penis, usually when erect. Often performed as a joke, when the recipient is either asleep, stoned, or otherwise incapacitated.
John said he enjoyed cockslapping me last night while I was asleep.
by Stuart Robbins May 15, 2006
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to slap someone with one's cock; to cockslap someone is to assert one's dominance/superiority. Also, girls like it when you do this to them.
"Hey dude, I don't have the money yet."
"Don't make me cockslap you!"
by warren November 26, 2002
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While receiving fellatio, the recipient withdraws his penis from the giver's mouth and slaps the giver across the face with it.

It may be an act of degradation, punishment, or performed during climax for an added dramatic effect.
Example 1:
I had to cockslap that bitch for scraping her teeth on my junk too hard.

Example 2:
Jenny likes it when you call her names and cockslap her.
by poisonkoolaid March 23, 2012
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to whip out your crank and slap a bitch across the dick-sucker with it.
"I just love to cockslap BJ's mom"
by MacMcCarty18 October 12, 2006
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The most humiliating act a man could ever give. Should you be the unlucky victim of a cockslap, especially when you're sleeping, the best advice is to kill yourself.
"Haha, I gave you a cockslap you when you were sleeping, and filmed it!"
by Chris Ioakim December 11, 2006
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Verb. To induce or cause a smack to the face with a penis of abnormal size
He was quick to avoid that cockslap
by Thebloodyjew December 05, 2007
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The slapping of one's Cock repeatedly. Usually a preferred method of violence against another for sexual reasons.

One is often not enough, therefore needing more than one Cockslap.
Cockslapper : Hey, what the fuck? Do u want me to Cockslap you again?

Cockslappee : Please No, anything but the Cockslaps!
by Cockslappin' since '94 May 18, 2010
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