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When a female will not do anything against her significant other's wishes for fear that he will retaliate by not giving her the cock...
" Like, OMG, becky is so cockslapped..."
by kdfilhebiopybweruib!!!! March 17, 2009
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1) The act of taking ones penis and "slapping" it across the victims face. If done correctly, a cock imprint will be left on the face of the woman (I Hope) or man (Fucking Fags)

also: cock slappestry
Dude! I totally cock slapped that whore in the face after I burned here thighs with a crack pipe!
by Kaaos January 11, 2005
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Being directly hit in or around the face repeatedly by a dick.
Guy1-Dude are you still with your girlfriend?

Guy2- No she left me after I cock slapped the beyatch
by Porchdik2016 October 04, 2016
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