Someone who normally considers themselves heterosexual, yet when under the influence of distilled spirits (and sometimes boosted by cocaine) occasionally find themselves with a mouthful of cock.
"That Barney is always getting lucky with the ladies, but I heard that if you get him tatored enough, he turns into a vodka induced cockgobbler!"
by Markishmark May 28, 2008
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Someone who gobbles mad cock and will never stop givin that slop bop top.
hey kaiden b, " i heard your grandmas a sexy gilf cockgobbler!" you should invite her over sometime(;
by fucklord69 April 12, 2019
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another insult to call someone you don't like, most effective if the person you are arguing with is a female. Cockgobblers usually are feminists, furries, sjws, liberals, those bitchy girls at school, or any old ass grocery store employee that yells at you and your friends for no reason or anyone yelling at you because your skateboarding.
Skater dude: yo shut the fuck up you cockgobbler
Angry dude: WHAT YOU CALL ME?
skater dude: a cockgobbler you fuckin fag
*skater proceeds to absolute suplex the angry dude*
by TheBeaterOfMeats March 14, 2019
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To insert a penis in ones mouth to the point where the testicles are rest on another's chin and the sounds of gagging are made.
"Wow, look at her/him taking in that penis so deep, they are such a cockgobbler"
by corsocon February 26, 2017
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