The act of taking a full length shaft down ones throat, leaving the balls hanging under the chin making the resemblance of a turkey... Gobble, Gobble.
She's such a cockgobbler she went balls deep
by OGanstaKush February 25, 2013
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One who enjoys munching or consuming cock. Any cock will do, but if this individual is a ballwasher (see definition) then they now will only gobble high dollar cock (ie bosses, managers, corporate people) Usually these individuals have no other motivation other then liking cock to be a cockgobbler.
"Jared is such a cockgobbling ballwasher. All he does all day is wash and gobble."
by Govenor Tarkin February 23, 2004
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One who gobbles cock, either for fun or simply for the semen.
Jay_Are is such a cockgobbler!
by Jay_Are October 27, 2009
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Any person in the act of, or affiliation of, heinous activity toward you or another. Occasionally, but not always associated with a physical representation of the action verb itself. A true cockgobbler should be considered non-threatening as he may bitch and moan about the fact that he has no job, no career, no dick to call his own. It's generally considered tragic if your friend inadvertently becomes a cockgobbler. But make no mistake, cockgobbling was what they were meant to do.
Person1: Wow, that Steve is sure one whiny cockgobbler.

Person2: Yes I agree, that man sure does look like he could gobble a mean cock with those DSL's of his.
by jabrody August 01, 2010
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A Cockgobbler is when a Turkey is impregnated by a redneck Jew boy. Resulting in a new species of Turkey being born with a hunger for man meat, also know as Cock, Penis, Dick, Willy, Pecker, Tally Wacker.
What the fuck is with that Cockgobbler at work he won't stop staring at my dick and licking his lips.
by Sly Baloney November 22, 2017
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A species of bird that is the result of cross-breeding a male chicken, or rooster, with a female turkey. Similarly to the mule, they can not reproduce, but unlike mules this is not a result of being naturally infertile, but because Cockgobblers are all either females or homosexual.
Farmer: "Your daughter is quite the cockgobbler"
Rooster: "Bu-cooooooock" (Roughly translated in English: Why thank you. I and her mother, a turkey, raised her very well.)

A: How did Andy Dick have children? Aren't Cockgobblers sterile?
B: Bitch please, they aren't infertile they just don't reproduce because the males only want to fuck other males.
A: Well how did Andy Dick do it?
B: I hear he gobbled his own cock and then spit the semen into a female's vagina.
A: Ohhh that makes sense.
by Hodagophile November 18, 2010
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Man, whats with Jim today, he sure is bein' a cockgobbler.
by Path July 22, 2002
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