Duffie is a very loyal girl. If she falls in love with you, she'll never cheat on you. She's usually a bit of a tomboy, but very pretty.
She also has a good sense of humor and can be very sarcastic. Duffie is nearly perfect.
''I made Duffie my girlfriend.''

''Wow, good job! You'll be happy together!''
by grandpajoe November 17, 2013
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To disrespectfully slide your dirty vagina horizontally up someones face, leaving a slimy residue.
Shut up or I'll duffie your ass
Keep talking shit and I'll give you a duffie
by The Whore and The Virgin April 05, 2009
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The practice of ruining your relationship with a boyfriend/girlfriend and then making your ex feel like shit through tactics such as: Sending them fake self-harming images titles "are you happy now?", fake crying where they can see you, kissing a random person in a night club and then telling your ex straight after.
"It's my fault the relationship broke down-- But here! Have all of my problems anyway"

by Yermaw.wan February 09, 2013
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a bitch that calls me "Jetziba"
Duffie: JETZIBA!
Me: Fuck Off.
by Jetzi February 18, 2004
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