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To blow another guy in a car, predominantly in a homosexual manner.
Fag 1: Bro, it's fucking raining out! How are we supposed to go to our vocal therapy classes?
Fag 2: Fuck it, let's take your truck Spartacock!
Fag 1: Yeah, you want to blow each other off in Spartacock before we go?
Fag 2: Sure! I could really use a good cockboxing today!
by TheKimmer April 03, 2015
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1. Cockslap
2. To take a penis (removed from a male's body) and slap an ugly person across the face with it.
3. Another form of 'normal' boxing, but involving female opponents and amputated penises.
"She was really annoying me, so I cock boxed her down to the ground!"

"That person looks like George Bush - they deserve a cock boxing".

"What'd you do last night?" "Cock boxed." "Did you win?" "No, some other bitch had a bigger cock than me."
by Skiface February 03, 2008
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